In an effort to refine my approach to my art, I have made some improvements that align more with my goals as a person and an artist. 


When I started to take myself more seriously, I was lost in “how to be an artist.” I spent countless hours reading and making changes to my website to fit all this advice I was reading, but it was never what I desired, just what I thought I needed to do to be successful. After realizing this, I spent about a year reevaluating my approach and it has resulted in something I am very excited and proud of: a $20 mark up on every single product in my store. 


You are paying for the cost to print, labor, and profit all for only $20. It’s definitely not worth my time, but it is certainly worth my sanity. 

Altered States” is an exploration in double and triple exposed photography. Using only focus and camera orientation, it investigates how shape and pattern in urban life and nature can be manipulated to create a new form: an altered scene that deviates from each photo’s original state and challenges the viewer to view both from a new perspective.


The photographs in this series are unaltered by photo processing programs, however that doesn’t mean it won’t alter one’s view of things.