PORTRAIT HEALING is a facilitated exploration of our emotions through imagery: a way to connect ourselves to our feelings through our sight. A sense we rarely use in this way. Most of us aren’t running to the mirror to study how our negative feelings affect us. And when we are at the mirror, we put on a facade for even ourselves so we can feel presentable to the outside world. Meanwhile, a complete stranger can enter a room, and we’ll have the ability to read the emotions from the look on their face and when interpreting distress, we want to take action to comfort that individual, instantly! It multiplies when we encounter an upset friend or family member. How can we tend to ourselves the same way? Opening up our conscience feelings through portraiture has been a great aid in recognizing the effect our emotions have on us. Having the opportunity to view ourselves in a time of vulnerability retrospectively gives us a means to contemplate the state of our feelings and their butterfly effect. Perhaps encouraging us to ask ourselves, “How can I give myself love today?”

“When you've never been moved it's really hard to move on” - Eyedea


The Specifics


A lightly curated space with you in mind created to bring about vulnerability. An opportunity to share with safe company that WANTS to hold space for you. A camera will be present, on a tri-pod, taking pictures on its own accord for your retrospection, and so that Jennifer’s attention is with you 100%


Why have me facilitate this experience as opposed to do it on your own? 


Expressing feelings can be daunting. Over the course of our lives, most of us have developed unhealthy views of our emotions, mostly due to the reactions from others. Honoring our feelings moves us out of denial and into acceptance. Deciding to explore with me helps guide you to take the toughest steps, while also creating healthy experiences around sharing them.

What not to expect:


The intention of our meeting is to create a space that you can freely share your thoughts and feelings. I will not be giving any sort of feedback or advice like you would expect from a talk therapist. I want to hold space for you and nothing more. 



Since I was a child, I have had acute observation for the emotional impact that comes with the human experience. Instinctually, I knew of the regret many face in their subconscious and eventually consciously on their death bed. Having an awareness to this has motivated me to understand emotions, and how to achieve a satisfied life.


How we view and move through the world has become a life long study and pursuit to happiness. Through observation, listening to professionals, attending therapy, yoga, reading self help books, etc, it’s all contributed to my growth and understanding of the human condition. To simply put it, I realize that happiness is a scientific process discovered by the individual seeking it. Once I became aware to this, I realized that trying to figure out what makes me happy should actually be what makes me unhappy. 


Through this awareness, I started focusing on my shadow and got to such a place where out of necessity, I came up with a way to honor myself and my difficult feelings using self portraiture. Focusing on the things that left me feeling unhappy allowed me the time to process the reason and the why. Allowing this process brings awareness to the root of our actions which brings about change to realize the best version of ourselves..

The cost of this unique service is $50.

There is a system in place where one can show support and kindness to someone by donating a portion or the total cost of a Portrait Healing session to make it even more accessible.


The donated sessions are available for those facing hardships.

*As donations come in, the number of donated sessions will be displayed here:

To schedule your Portrait Healing session,

please contact Jennifer here.