Portrait therapy is a facilitated exploration of our emotions through imagery: a way to connect ourselves to our feelings through our sight…a sense we rarely use in this way. Most of us aren’t running to the mirror to study how our negative feelings affect us. And when we are at the mirror, we put on a facade for even ourselves so we can feel presentable to the outside world. Meanwhile, a complete stranger can enter a room, and we’ll have the ability to read the emotions from the look on their face and when interpreting distress, we want to take action to comfort that individual, instantly! It multiplies when we encounter an upset friend or family member. How can we tend to ourselves the same way? Opening up our conscience feelings through portraiture has been a great aid in recognizing the effect our emotions have on us. Having the opportunity to view ourselves in a time of vulnerability retrospectively gives us a means to contemplate the state of our feelings and their butterfly effect. Perhaps encouraging us to ask ourselves, “How can I give myself love today?”

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