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"Map of Associations" is a photographic atlas that melds memory, space, and the passage of time. Each captured image, a vibrant imprint of a Jennifer's life phase, transforms everyday landscapes into repositories of personal experience. As viewers navigate this series, they are invited into a visceral understanding of how individual moments, however fleeting, are intertwined with the spaces they inhabit. Through these visual narratives, "Map of Associations" encourages introspection of one's own memory map, underlining the universal human propensity to find significance in place and moment. Ultimately, the series illuminates the shared yet diverse tapestry of life, materializing the hidden, enduring threads connecting us all to the world.

mariposa ca, yellow flowers, wildflowers, field, dence
Mariposa, California
greece, flipped, upside down,
ocean, water, waves, abstract
Camden, New Jersey
forest, mariposa, green, sunset, glow
Mariposa, California
yellow, sunflower, hazy, glow, bright, sunny
Timberline Farms, New Jersey
Greece, Calm, tranquil, blue, pink, sunrise
fall, leaves, red, blue, ice
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
bird, wires, electric, blue sky, sky, blue
Merced, California
fire, sunset, nature, landscape,
Mariposa, California
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