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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Wayne Dyer


That’s been Jennifer’s mantra since she heard that quote so many years ago. It became fodder for her already present ability to abstractly view existence. She first became aware of her different perspectives when she was about 8 years old. Her and her brothers were at a lake edge. The sun was setting, casting all the magical tones onto the water. She was so taken back by all the details that standing there to watch it set instead of trying to get the last bit of daylight for max play time was more appealing. Her brothers were totally unaffected. That’s when her inspiration sparked and she got her first camera. Since then, she has used her camera to challenge her visual and mental perspectives by way of investigating the shapes and patterns of the world around her and the synchronicity between it all. Using multiple exposures, she manipulates her environment by adjusting focus and camera orientation to create a new form: an altered scene that deviates from each photo’s original state and challenges the viewer to view both from a new perspective.


“Altered State” is unaltered by photo processing programs, however that doesn’t mean it won’t alter one’s view of things.

ben fraklin plaid, ben fraklin bridge, philly, philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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philadelphia city hall, ben franklin, statue, city hall, philly
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
timberline farms new jersey, sun flowers, leaf
Timberline Farms, New Jersey
landscape, moab,
Moab, Utah
wisteria, pink, orange, yellow, fantasy, dreamy
Middletown, Delaware
origami, mountains, sunset, yellow, green
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
forest, clouds, evergreens, blue, black, white
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
caribbean ocean, counds, pink
Caribbean Ocean
blossoms, water, reflections, white,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
soundwave, orange, palm tree, wavelength
Merced, California
rainbow, moab ut, mountains, peal
Moab, Utah
cars, chaos, traffic, city, street, red
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
loyalsock pa, forest,  trees
Loyalsock, Pennsylvania
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