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"I always been drawn to the beautiful details we see in our everyday. These details become still frames in my mind, that at a young age I knew I needed to capture in a more tangible way. When I was 8 I received my first camera and discovered this new tangibility of holding onto scenes. As I got older, I began to realize just how much I loved living life through a lens and my need to express myself that way. When I got into my mid teens, I announced I wanted to be a photographer, and not long after that, my Grandparents bought me my first DSLR. From there, it stayed around my neck, always capturing moments with friends, family and life in general. I loved the challenge of getting my camera to create an image I see in my head. I am really drawn to the experience of working with a subject to capture images that portray both beauty and creativity. Working around people and nature are my true passions and every venture proves to be inspirational for all involved."

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