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Report me and unfollow me. Im tired of living in fear. Call me a slut, I don’t care. Rape me, try and break me, but you’ll never win at the fair.

I posted this yesterday on my photography page. I have been slowly trying to integrate this page into my other, because I have really gotten tired of compartmentalizing the different parts of myself through different pages in instagram. My depression and my growth through it is what makes me an artist. So why have I been keeping them all separate? The stages of vulnerability continue. It’s really interesting to witness. First I just made a page on Instagram and followed the few friends who already knew my feelings. Then after a few months I followed everyone in my contacts list and made a Facebook page and sent out requests to everyone to like it. WOAH. That was intense. Now after about a year, I feel like I am hiding my true self again. Big sigh. So, with that being said, this will be my last post on this page. Everything from here on out, will be integrated into my photography page. Hope to see you all there.

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