For years I have been learning to love myself through self portrait work. Learning to feel comfortable in my skin. Learning to move past so much stigma in my head that I have placed on me by the ideas of others. So much opression. So much repression.

Many years have come and gone where I hated my body. Any attention I’d receive on my looks whether positive or negative would just make me cringe. I could barely look myself in the mirror without feeling so much hatred. I knew this was wrong so set out to fix it.

Years of therapy and self work, still have not created a healthy view. It’s definitely not helpful when you put yourself out there and make a post and it gets flagged.

Oppression=repression. It was hard to not feel like I am wrong for feeling beautiful and confident in my naked body so much that I can post it as art on my Instagram page when it gets reported.

To whoever is following me and keeps reporting me, thank you!!!


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