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Comfortable With Death

Does depression ever go away or do we just learn to deal with it? Doing everything in my power to fight these feelings and not much is working anymore. My mind is onto my minds tricks. Pausing depression and faking happiness in some random activity creates moments of happiness followed by days of sadness because I feel utterly sad. I am tired of all this pain. My depression was easier when I wasn’t scared of death.

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The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. I’ve been having to find grounding in uncertainty lately, and as a control freak, it is a REAL meditation. Working on flowing with uncertaini

Words Have Meaning

Boy, lately I have been having to get really clear on the meaning of words. I've spent alot of time reading different in depth definitions of words like "overwhelm" and "integrity." It's fucking wild

Crayon Box

I.AM.OVERWHELMED.BY.THE.COEXISTANCE.OF.ALL.MY.FEELINGS Every morning I wake up, and my mind starts with one feeling. Then something in that thought process will make me think of something else, and th


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