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I have been struggling to feel safe to share my thoughts again. It’s interesting these stages I go through. Everything is just a scratch on the surface. Speaking my truth gets harder and harder. I find myself asking who am I to think my words have meaning? Who is even going to listen? I am uncommon in so many ways. Who would even be able to relate to what I have to say? Just writing this out, my throat is so tight it’s hard to swallow. It feels like a rock is there…waiting to be dislodge by the confidence of speaking my truth. Our bodies tell us so much, and if we choose to be aware, can be our guide to understanding ourselves better. I am not sure how I let it get to this point, but that’s ok. Speaking too soon does have it’s drawbacks. However, now, i see the importance in not holding back.

No more fear. No more avoidance. No more holding back.

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