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Intention vs Impact

Intention: To love and support, and maybe even empower people I care about using what skills I have in any way I can make their lives easier either by doing or teaching. Because it takes a village. Because society doesn’t teach us. Because we are made to feel like we can’t. And sometimes just a helping hand makes all the world of difference.

Impact: That I am better than everyone else. That everyone else isn’t doing enough, or trying hard enough.

Somehow my big heart has been drowned out by my small words. It’s a hard pill to swallow being told I come off like I am better than everyone else. It is absolutely the complete opposite of how I feel. Who the fuck am I? I am no one. Just some girl who wants to make a difference in peoples lives by making them feel less alone. Instead they just end feeling incapable. And now I find myself being hyper vigilant in listening to how I talk to everyone when I am offering help or support…to the point to where I am extremely insecure about how I sound and how I am coming off. It’s literally been a life goal of mine to help people in any way I know how, and now that I am in a position to be able to do that more, I am running into this issue and its totally heartbreaking. I am a work in progress. Please forgive me.

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