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Part One

It’s been hard using words that don’t blatantly explain things since I’ve started this project, but now I have reached a new level. I’m stuck though. Fear that being more open about some of the root causes of alll these feelings will make me look like some sort of attention seeker. Also, am I sharing for the right reasons? It’s hard trying to find a balance of sharing such an honest project while also having a healthy boundary with it and anyone reading it. Blah. Additionally, now some of my family and friends follow this page. Family and friends who have never known any of this. Family and friends who probably deserve me telling them in person but doing it that way seems like one too many conversations I don’t want to have about it. Deal with how it all makes them feel when really I am opening up so that I can get some fucking help dealing for once. It’s rough. Human nature is rough. You gotta go through shit, teach yourself how to be there for yourself and then find the one in the millions of people who is also willing to learn. I am ready for total immersion into this next chapter. I can taste the change coming.

”Mother” Pink Floyd

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